What Are Good Gifts For A First Communion Celebration?

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In some Christian traditions, the first communion is marked as a celebratory occasion when a young child makes a major transition in their faith. While a long worship service or mass is typically the traditional event, most parents do host a first communion party after the service for their child. These celebrations usually include invitations to close friends and family members, and there will be food and gifts for the child. These parties are much different than the average birthday party, and gifts can be hard to choose because you will want something symbolic of the occasion. Here's a look at a few good gifts for a child after their first communion:

Go for a piece of religious icon jewelry. 

Religious icon jewelry works well for most first communion recipients. These jewelry pieces range from rings and bracelets to watches and pendants, and they can have all kinds of religious icons integrated into the design. For example, you could select a bracelet that has a charm boasting an image of the Virgin Mary; you could also pick up a small pocket watch that has an image of Jesus on the face of the watch or beneath the lid. 

Consider a gift that is engraved with a symbol of faith. 

A small metal trinket box, a collectible pocketknife, a metal bookmark—these are all objects that can be engraved after purchase. If you find a skilled engraver, they can add everything from words and initials to symbols to a piece. Therefore, you could easily have something added to a gift that symbolizes the faith of the child who just took their first communion; for example, you could have a trinket box engraved with a small cross, or a metal bookmark engraved with praying hands.

Choose a personal gift that can be passed along. 

Think about the items you may have been given during your own first communion, or consider an item that could easily be carried down through different generations. Good gifts are not always about how much they cost, but rather their personal and sentimental value. If you have a special token that you could pass down to the child, such as a ring or pin that you received during your first communion, these kinds of things do make excellent gifts. If you don't have an item you can pass along, look for a gift that could be passed on by the recipient in the future. 

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