6 Catholic Saint Statues That Are Particularly Suited To Gardens

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Garden statuary provides a lovely way to accent and define your outdoor living space. However, some Catholic statues pull double duty as both aesthetic and symbolic accents. Following are six Catholic saints whose statuary are particularly suited to adorning your beautiful garden spot. 

Saint Fiacre

If you grow vegetables for the family table, culinary herbs, and medicinal herbs for treating mild ailments, Saint Fiacre is an appropriate garden statue for your own personal Garden of Eden. As the patron saint of male gardeners, statuary depicting him are particularly appropriate for the man in your life who loves to work on his little plot of land. 

Saint Patrick 

Saint Patrick isn't just the patron saint of Ireland -- he's the patron saint of organic gardening, and as such, makes a particularly apt choice of statuary for your chemical-free outdoor living space -- especially if you've got a nice patch of shamrocks to place him in. Saint Patrick often used shamrocks as a visual aid when explaining the Holy Trinity. Organic botanical gardens all over the world often bear his name. 

Saint Urban 

If you're cultivating a home vineyard or planning on putting one in, Saint Urban is the saint for you. A statue of him among your grape-bearing vines provides at least symbolic protection against blight, frost, and storms. He is also known as the patron saint of vine dressers and other who work in the viticulture industry. During the beginning of his tenure as the bishop of Langres, Saint Urban was driven from his home as a result of an eruption of political turmoil, and he was able to find shelter in nearby vineyards where he was hidden by the vine dressers. 

Saint Isidore

If you're a farmer or have aspirations of being a farmer, Saint Isidore is the patron saint for you. He spent his whole life working as a laborer for a wealthy landowner with large holdings near Madrid. Saint Isidore learned to commune with God while at work plowing the fields, planting and tending the crops, and harvesting them when autumn came. Saint Isidore was also a proponent for the humane treatment of animals as well as an advocate for the poor -- it is said that he miraculously provided them with food in times of privation. Saint Isidore's wife, Maria de le Cabenzia, also became a saint -- the pair of them together make a beautiful statuary statement on any farm no matter how small or large. 

Saint Valentine 

You're probably already aware that Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. However, he's also the saint of small, intimate garden spaces -- the type that are ideal for romantic interludes. Beheaded for performing forbidden marriages, Saint Valentine gifted those he married with flowers from his garden. It is rumored that an almond tree immediately burst into full flower upon his death. 

Saint Phocas 

Saint Phocas cultivated a garden in a city in Turkey called Sinope. His garden provided a serene, beautiful environment where he developed his renowned capacity for prayer. The bounty of his garden earned him a good enough living so that he was able to share the fruits of his labor with the indigent. He was also known for taking in travelers -- including the Roman soldiers who were sent to execute him and who spend a night enjoying his hospitably without knowing who he was. Upon discovering his identity, they were reluctant to carry out their mission.

For more information on Catholic saints and which statues might best suit your individual needs and preferences, please feel free to contact your religious goods supplier at your earliest convenience.