Teaming Up With Your Teenager: 3 Tips For Redecorating Your Teen's Room

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As your son or daughter gets older and starts to care more about what their friends think, they might start to express interest in fixing up their room. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy for parents to know how to create a functional, great-looking space dedicated to their kid. Here are three tips for redecorating your teen's room, so that you can give them a space of their own.   

1: Make a Workspace

When most people think about their high school years, they think about football games, awkward dates, and first jobs. However, one thing that most people forget is that the high school years are crucial to your teenager's college preparation. Unfortunately, not every environment sets your teen up for success.

In fact, messy, noisy home environments have been found to disrupt teenager's social and behavioral characteristics, which can affect their academic achievement. To give your child the best chance for success during this critical period before college, try to make their room conducive to learning.

Consider creating a dedicated workspace in their room, where they can focus on homework and class projects. Harness your teen's educational interests, and incorporate them into the space. For example, if your teenage girl loves biology, consider adding some fresh, living flowers to a window box, so that your kid can help them to grow and thrive. By creating a beautiful space that encourages learning and quiet study, your teenager might be more likely to sail through high school.

2: Incorporate Family Values

Unfortunately, a messy bedroom without a desk isn't the only thing that can disrupt your teenager's chances of getting into college. Teenage pregnancy and drug use run rampant through the teenage years, but you might be able to fend off trouble by passively reminding your kid to make smart decisions. Here are a few things that you should think about adding to their space:

By taking the time to help your teenager to feel uplifted, loved, and inspired, they might be more likely to make smart decisions, so that they can enjoy a future filled with promise.

3: Let Your Teen Help with the Design

One of the most important things that you should do when you start designing your teenager's room is to let your teen make some of the decisions. Although you might be used to calling the shots for the rest of the house, giving your teenager the chance to pitch in might help their self esteem, and help them to part ways with their childhood.

Let your teenager pick the majority of the design details, including the paint color, bedding, and general décor scheme. Helping your child to make guided decisions teaches them that you trust their opinion, and helps them to realize that you won't always be there to choose things for them. In addition to enjoying the process more, your teenager will take ownership in the room, which might help them to take better care of the space later.

When your teen has their own space where they can hang out, play, and learn, they might feel happier and more independent.